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Food as Medicine | Macrobiotics

Your Self Healing Journey

The philosophy at Mama Meridian is to learn to listen to your own body and let it guide you to what is right for your being. The body has a powerful ability to renew and regenerate and with the force of nature can heal itself.

A self-healing lifestyle starts with recognising that pains and symptoms don’t just happen to us. We have an active hand in creating them by the choices we make in our daily lives. How we activate our body, cope with stress and what we eat, directly affects our body’s natural ability to maintain health and balance.

In order to find that balance we must look at the basics of food, at the food that sustained our ancestors centuries ago; primarily whole grains, beans, locally grown vegetables and fruits, sea vegetables and natural condiments. Whole grains, in particular, are at the foreground of a self healing lifestyle. Grains are a highly versatile grass that evolved on the planet at the same time as Human Beings!

This sensible relationship with food creates a wholesome and natural diet that is logical, practical and effective, and along with home-care remedies to aid you on your journey to health. This practice dates back 4000 years from traditional Oriental medicine. This way of life has been proven to calm the mind and emotions while renewing the body and streamlining energy creating a whole feeling, a feeling of you being in control of your body.

Eat in harmony with nature

Learn what foods to eat and how to cook them for each season.

Balance natural forces in cooking

Find your perfect blend of inspired foods personalised to your body’s requirements.

Use food to create desired effects

Reach your goals both for your body, mind, and emotional stability.

Food consultation
(on zoom or in person)

Relax in your own environment and enjoy your treatment to the fullest.

30 mins minimum
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