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Meridian Yoga Therapy

Meridian Yoga Therapy is a Japanese style of Yoga that is unique in its form, creating physical and emotional healing.

This Yoga uses personalised therapeutic poses to affect the body’s Meridians, bringing function, strength and vitality back to each organ and changing the structure of the body. As the body increases in strength, as do the therapeutic poses, leading into highly effective and meaningful traditional Hatha asanas with full awareness and connectedness of mind and body.

Based on the teachings of Masters Masahiro Oki, Shizuto Masunaga, and further developed by Andzej Gospodarcyk, this highly therapeutic approach addresses the cause (rather than the symptom) of physical injuries, emotional pains or energetic imbalances. This sophisticated technique combines traditional Indian Hatha Yoga poses with the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Theory, Meridian-based Healing Arts of China and Japan, meditation and breathing techniques.

Meridian Yoga Therapy is for absolutely every body from new beginners to experienced yogis and are challenging yet accessible. As the seasons change, so does the therapy creating harmony with nature and our intrinsic way of being. Each class has a different focus and is tailored to the participants’ needs to address a wide range of issues including:
Back pain, neck and shoulder tension, weight loss and digestion problems, women’s health, detox, emotional disorders, and more.

Traditional Zen Shiatsu

Motivate your wellbeing

Shiatsu is a therapeutic form of bodywork that accesses points on the Meridian system to bring balance to the functional body and therefore allowing structural and emotional issues to heal. This type of treatment is perfect for relaxation and restoring balance to the body. Shiatsu is a powerful treatment for a wide range of health conditions including headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, posture, general soreness and tightness, many organ conditions, nervous system problems and emotional disorders. 

Combining traditional Shiatsu with personalised Corrective Meridian Yoga Therapy poses along with some dietary advice will help you maintain the powerful and valuable changes made during the treatment and find what works best for you.

The intention of every session is to help you understand your Self more deeply and take control of your own health by using the Yoga Therapy Correctives in a nurturing and supportive way.

Japanese meridian chart

Food as Medicine | Macrobiotics

If you’re new to Macrobiotics, you’ll quickly learn that it is as much a philosophy on life as it is a dietary choice. Using food as medicine, there is a wide range of suggestions that are tailored to suit your body and lifestyle that have huge healing properties. 
Learn to Self Heal.

Welcome to Mama Meridian

Mama Meridian was established by Dani Naim in 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

I’m Dani Naim, founder of Mama Meridian Therapy. Yoga therapist for both adults and kids, Shiatsu practitioner, food as medicine coach, wellness guide and all round nurturer. Years of study, yoga practice and my own inner journey blended with living, teaching and travelling abroad has brought me here; fulfilling my purpose of nurturing those who seek it back to health by teaching how to listen to the body, know what it needs and how to naturally give it to the Self. Using concepts of Yin and Yang, Chinese elemental theory, and the Japanese meridians and their effects on the body as well as how to read them for yourself, I guide you in each and every therapy session. Now based in Israel, I am passionate about spreading these unique forms of therapy and healing processes to all who are seeking a deeper yogic experience and a healthy, wholesome body, mind and way of life.

Thank you for being here!


This is what your body needs! Dani makes healing your back/body kind of fun! Through Shiatsu, yoga and dieting tips she has helped me heal long-running back issues, with tailored exercises and heaps of encouragement. Healthy body healthy mind means I am less stressed and more me! Thanks so much for your wisdom and support Dani!
Cameron Deans
This is the yoga that will change your life, with care and attention, that is tailored to your own needs and abilities. The shiatsu will surprise you and will leave you with an amazing refreshing feeling. Dani is a passionate and caring person and will always go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and special. I cannot recommend it enough.
Etty Hahn
Dani is a great teacher, makes the classes very fun and professional! The lessons are addictive and challenging but with a lot of care and attention. I find the time every week. Very recommended.
Ronny Amir